China HR and Salary Survey 2023, Greater Suzhou

Jiangsu province, neighbouring Shanghai, is one of China’s major industrial centres and a hub for European industrial companies in China.

Every year, FES Partners carries out a salary and HR survey in collaboration with DUSA European Association Suzhou, to gauge trends among European companies operating in Suzhou and neighbouring industrial cities in southern Jiangsu Province.

Our annual DUSA Suzhou Salary and HR Survey gives business leaders and decision makers detailed regional insights, as well as valuable insights into China-wide trends, in the following areas:

  • Salary ranges for different functions and seniority levels
  • HR trends such as recruitment challenges, employee benefits and strategic plans to deal with rising labour costs
  • General business sentiment including growth, investment and relocation plans

About the DUSA HR and Salary Survey

This year a total of 117 DUSA member companies in the Jiangsu Province took the survey. Around 60% are based in Suzhou, mainly in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). Another 20% of surveyed companies are in Taicang. Western companies in the important cities of Changzhou, Changshu, and Wuxi were also asked to take part.

Key findings

Overall, business leaders are cautiously optimistic about the business outlook for 2024 and we share this sentiment. Even though all the companies face rising labour cost issues in Suzhou/ Jiangsu province, no company has an immediate plan to move out to a cheaper place for the time being.

As we settle into to a lower-growth era, controlling costs and pushing the team to achieve bigger results are at the top of any business leaders’ agenda.

Download the DUSA HR and Salary Survey 2023

Find out about the salary ranges, employee benefits, and investment plans of European companies in China by downloading our latest HR and salary survey:

>> Download Suzhou Salary and HR Survey 2023

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